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You do not need to diligently look for a supplier in China for the product you need, for this there is a ChinaSales website. We have collected more than 5000 manufacturers companies from all over China, and they are ready to offer you the best prices for you, and compete with each other to achieve your attention. You simply make an application, and choose the most advantageous offer from the suppliers. Search has become easier!

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We have been working since 2001, CHINASALES is the first in the business industry with China to offer these services for FREE! You need to spend 1 minute filling out the questionnaire and waiting for proposals from manufacturers and suppliers.
Official Section Leader: ChinaSales Company (since 2001)


We have registered all kinds of production that you may need. There is EVERYTHING!


A catalog from consumer electronics to machine tools and portable mobile plants

Raw Materials

Mining and agricultural product of all types


Clothing and accessories of all types


Many choices for the delivery of your chosen product

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We are the best in this range of services, we are the only ones working free of charge for the client and save your time as much as possible. Our organization spends maximum efforts to achieve your goals!

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Our Happy Clients

Marina Chekhova

I used the site to search for clothes for my store in Russia. I was surprised that you do not need to look for anything, you are compiling an application and received a bunch of offers right away! I bought a very cheap product, thanks HelloSearch

Denis Herzen

For a very long time I was looking for goods for a fitness club, treadmills, exercise machines and other equipment. The amount is large and the supplier needed a reliable one, found this site, and ordered it with a guarantee at a bargain price) Thank you =)


I was looking for a reliable supplier of accessories for mobile phones. There were many options, it’s hard to independently look for, so as not to stumble on problems. In the end, I decided to find suppliers through this site, and everything turned out super. Surprisingly, plus to everything, I found a product and a free service for the most favorable purpose.

Kyle Blogger

She opened a clothing store of her brand. They advised me to use, I was surprised that you do not need to look for anything, they search for you themselves)) As a result, I chose from the list of offers for me. Ordered directly from the manufacturer. The best part is that ChinaSales does not take any percentage from the client. Beauty)) Thank you !!!